To build a sustainable ECO Social Community within the social service space.

To provide quality education to disadvantaged families and children by demonstrating what can be changed to achieve quality education.

  1. Physical and mental space for learning and experimentation is a mandatory requirement.

  1. We require alternative and diverse ECO Social Community.

  1. Innovation and creativity transformation from old sharping to new working environment.

  1. We need to experiment with alternative social relations and social values.

  1. To build a sustainable financing with the Social, Environment and Government.  

  1. Transformative change requires hybrid combinations of civil society, state and market.

  1. Social innovation to create and develop an impact in the social community.

  1. Woman empowerment is a promising response to the challenges of globalisation by adopting Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”).

  1. Social innovation is about fostering a sense of belonging and competence.

  1. Transparent and inclusive decision-making is a necessary condition for change.